Employee Speak

MTS India

Head Legal, TN Circle (With the company for 5 years)

“MTS is a wonderful place to work in. It has great people and a great work-culture. People at MTS feel highly empowered and motivated and I am happy to be associated with the organization”.

MTS India

Sales-TN Circle (With the company for 2.5 years)

“Today, when I walk into the market, I find people looking up to us. Businesses respect us, our customers speak highly about our products and the overall market scenario is positive. I hope we continue to strengthen our brand in the same way that we have our market share”.

MTS India

IT, Kerala Circle (With the company for 5 years)

“There are many things I enjoy about my job, but if you ask me to pick one it will be the independence and freedom that I have to make my own decisions. That’s the best part of my work”.

MTS India

Finance, Kerala Circle (With the company for 5 years)

“MTS is my first workplace in Kerala and has given me an opportunity to handle my function independently. I have always enjoyed the MTS culture, which supports the growth of employees and ensures their holistic development.

I got an opportunity to go to Moscow twice, as part of the Sistema Olympics team. I don’t know another telecom company which provides such wonderful opportunities to its employees ”.